Interview with Mauler (FR/NL)

Interview with Andry and Sebas from the Frisian/Dutch BM band Mauler.

Hails Andry and Sebas How are you both doing.

Andry: Great, thanks!

Sebas: Fine, thanks!

How did you guys came into the metalscene.Or was it already the first thing you always ever wanted to be a part of it when you grew up.

Sebas: I think this scene is nothing compared to years ago, when I wasn't even aware of the existence of black metal. Today, black metal seems to be filled with losers who have no idea what they're saying and just trying to act tough. However, that view attracts me to spread death and chaos with Mauler, since that is our main goal.

Mauler and how it all begun.I know theres an actual short bio.on the bands myspace about it.But can you tell us the story til the recording of the first demo?What did the line-up exist out?

Sebas: Andry and me started it all, and within a few months we had a decent line-up, able to rehearse and perform live. Our first gigs were shit and to me, they were nothing more but try-outs. The demo line-up was Andry (vocals), Sebas (lead guitar), Johan (rhythm guitar), Alwin (bass) and Eelke (drums). We've had this line up for about 1,5 year.

In what year serious developments came into the band.

Sebas: For serious developments you have to look into the past few months. Since we decided to continue as a two-piece, things started to develop much more. We're much more serious and determined than ever before. I have written more songs in the past few months than in the 2 years before. Andry and I share almost identical views about our lyrical themes as well as the music. I also think our views on death, humanity and religion, the subjects Mauler uses, wouldn't really get accepted by the previous line-up.

Last year the demo 'Leaver Dea As Slaef' Demo '08 came out.Its very raw unpolished sound really brings me back towards the good old days.Tell me why the band choosed to play this kind of style,and will you continue working with it for in the near future to come.

Andry: The demo was recorded in 2007 in our rehearsal room and it contained the first 3 songs we made. However, after a while we weren't satisfied about this demo anymore, so it hasn't been a big succes for us. The songs we made after these 3 are in a totally different style and only "Leaver Dea as Slaef (the song) remained in our setlist back then.

'Leaver Dea As Slaef' .Explain to us in English what it actually means.Some of the other lyrics also are written in the Frisian language.Arent you afraid people wont understand what you're singing about?Seems you're really proud your hailing from.Personally i admire that really much.Do you also think people should be more proud on their homeland and fight for it?!

Andry: It literally means "Rather Dead Than Slave". It's about an ancient battle of the Frisian people against the Dutch. The Frisian language is a very powerful one and it's more than decent to sing in.

Sebas: I don't care about what other people think of their own homeland. I DO care about my own heritage, which is Frisian.

Mauler live at ''Fuckpop'' 2009

With past live gigs Mauler often used to play the cover 'Sluts Of Hell'from the Norwegian BM band Nattefrost.Why the choice picking this song out,and did it appear on the mentioned demo as well.

Andry: At past gigs we indeed played that song but we didn't record it. Sluts of Hell is just one hell of a song by a great artist.

When was the first live gig ever,and where was it.Was it a strange experience entering the stage for the first time with a crowd standing in front of you?
Or was it more..fuck!gonna kick some ass tonight.

Sebas: Our first gig was at a school Andry and me went to, a few years ago. It wasn't good at all, probably because we definitely sucked at that time.

Since your the singer in the band and still am quite young.How come you have such an awesome dark voice!I bet there are some vocalists who'd kill having that kind of vocal capabilities.Do you train with your voice like for example before entering the stage with live performances?Or is it just the alcohol.

Andry: When we started, none of us wanted to sing. They decided that I needed to sing, so I started practising with some help of Roelf, vocalist of Adendum Demise, which helped me alot. And for live performances, I drink some beers, get on the stage and begin the show!

Sebas: Over the past years, Andry developed his voice in a very positive way. His vocals suit perfectly in Mauler.

Whos actually responsible for the music,and who writes the lyrics.How does the process go.Are the ideas molted in one,or is there 1 particular member
arranging everything.

Sebas: I am responsible for all music and lyrics at this moment. Our former bassplayer used to write some songs and lyrics too but since he's out of the band, I do all the writing. Maybe Andry will contribute some lyrics and music in the future too.

Like a while back the sad news came to me some of the bandmembers left the band to focus on other things.As i recall the drummer for example
choosed to leave the BM too play in a DM band.Since then you have found trouble finding a worthy replacement.Therefore Mauler was forced working with a drumcomputer.How is it going so far.It must feel really strange in the beginning rehearsing without a drummer of flesh and blood.

Sebas: It's really a big difference to work with a real drummer or a programmed track. Anyway, so far, so good. We never actually sought for replacements. This line-up works really fine.

Andry: Indeed it is a big difference, but since Sebas and I share the same ideas about the music and the lyrical themes it is much easier to write and rehearse this way.

Are there actual plans to do live gigs with the drumcomputer on the background?What will be the rest of the line-up?

Sebas: Sure thing. Actually, the first one is already planned. 10 august @ Fuckpop, Drachten.

Right now new recordings for a full-length are in the process,and some actually already can be heared on the Mauler Myspace page

Can you tell us a bit more about the new up-coming album,and what the title will be?

Andry: First we want to release the demo before we start recording the Full Length. The demo, called "Death Redemption", is already recorded and will be released by Wolfsvuur Records on tape and Svartgalgh Records on CD.

Sebas: Writings are already in the process. We have written and rehearsed 11 songs at this moment. The title is not yet decided.

Thanks alot for taking time doing this interview and goodluck with the new up-coming material.

Final words are for you guys.

Thanks for the support, and for further interest, contact us.